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Jurassic Adventure

One of the most anticipated events.

Enter through the ancient dinosaur bone yard, then use ropes to guide your feet up the rocky terrain of the raging volcano at the mountain's peak. If you can't take the heat, take the fastest route to the bottom on the 10-foot dueling inflatable slides. Then, ride the two rockin' dinos and slam the tall dinosaur pop up heads. It's an adventure that you'll never forget!

Cash Cube

The cash cube or "Carolina Twister" as we like to call it, allows fun for participants and spectators. Fill the cube with fake money, real money, or coupons, flip the switch and watch them fight to gain control and collect as much loot as they can.

Rock Wall

Don't go out looking for a new mountain to climb, we'll bring the mountain to you!

Rock Climbing is one sport that is gaining popularity in the US and we've got it for you. The rock wall allows up to four climbers the thrill of seeing the world from 30 feet in the air! As always, SAFETY is the standard. All climbers wear the same safety gear as real mountain climbers. Falling is not an option.

Reach for the peak!

Micro-Sport Racing

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Kids, start your engines. Fun and exciting racing brought to you by Carolina Events. Race like the big boys, on our oval track. Zooming in and out of traffic and crossing the finish line for the win!