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Jurassic Adventure


Fire Truck Crawl Thru

Great Fun for Kids!

Kids will have a blast playing Jr. Fire Chief in our exclusive Fire Truck Crawl! This inflatable boasts a bouncy floor, pretend "working" parts inside and a small slide. Just the right stuff to keep them entertained. 

Bouncy Boxing


One of the most anticipated events.

It is very large and colorful! A treat attraction for all ages! And, it comes complete with a referee! All the thrill and excitement of a real boxing match but none of the swollen eyes or injuries. Participants wear monstrous, oversized, foam filled boxing gloves so they don't get hurt. Try to KO your opponent while trying to maintain your balance on the inflated floor.

Bungee Run

Harnessed to a long length of rubber, contestants sprint down the inflated runway until the law of physics takes over and the bungee zaps, blast or bounces them back to the start. Placing the sticky wand the farthest along the central wall decides the winner.

Giant Slide

Size does matter and we'll prove it with our Giant Slide. Fun for all ages, this slick event colorfully towers over 22' in the air. The line will be steady as all of your participants want to experience the power of gravity on this air-filled monster. It's a rush even for adults. We've noticed people keep returning to line up to try it again and again. You should try this at your next event.

Gladiator Joust

A crowd-pleaser and center of attention, "Gladiator-style" pedestal jousting is similar to one of the events on the popular TV show "American Gladiator". Two participants, each perched atop a pedestal, attempt to knock each other off. To help his opponent exit more quickly, each has a 7' pugil stick. The pedestals rise out of a large inflated crash mat providing total safety and loads of fun!!

Jurassic Adventure

You can't miss this one...

Enter through the ancient dinosaur bone yard, then use ropes to guide your feet up the rocky terrain of the raging volcano at the mountain's peak. If you can't take the heat, take the fastest route to the bottom on the 10-foot dueling inflatable slides. Then, ride the two rockin' dinos and slam the tall dinosaur pop up heads. It's an adventure that you'll never forget!


They've been around forever, but are a must for every event. The moonwalker gives the kids a chance to jump around without Mom and Dad saying, "Get off that bed, you're going to get hurt."

Obstacle Course

This won't be seen at the next Olympics, but you will get the gold for scheduling this fabulous attraction. Entering two at a time, your guests navigate through this inflated obstacle course. They climb over inflated walls, through tunnels, under netting, and negotiate several more tricky challenging obstacles. First one to the other end is the champ.

Speed Pitch

The littlest "Nolan Ryan" and the biggest "Greg Maddoux" needs to know just how hard they can throw. Speed Pitch satisfies all of the athletes in your crowd. Each hurler receives instant gratification as our radar gun immediately displays the speed of the pitch. See how fast you can really throw it, or guess the speed of your third pitch.

Velcro Wall


Imagine jumping on a moon bounce designed for adults and sticking safely and comfortably in a 12-foot catcher's mitt. All this while wearing a suit made of Velcro. The unique design of this unit allows great fun for the experienced and not so experienced. Start off standing and jumping on the launch pillow and landing backwards, sideways or even upside down on the wall! As you gain confidence, run up to the launch pillow and catapult to greater heights.


Great for the Little Guys (and Gals)!

Finally!!! Something just for the toddlers to do! This interactive jungle play yard is perfect for kids ages 5 and under. They'll love crawling through the "oasis" or pretending to drive the kid's only Jeep! Mom and Dad will love the enclosed area which still allows for great photos!

Super-Sized Twister

Right foot red...A great "twist" on an old classic. This super-sized inflatable twister game will have you and your guests tied up in knots! Kids of all ages will love to put their abilities to the test.

Slip 'n' Slide

No scratched up bellies on this slip and slide!!! This inflatable stretches over 30 feet, all while keeping the rider on an air-cushioned surface. Perfect for those warm afternoons when the water hose just ain't cutting it...

Sumo Suits

Get Ready to Sumo!!!!

Smell the fear as you approach your opponent in the sumo ring... Watch as two Yokozuna's fight for glory... Hear the crown roar in laughter when you fall... Now even the skinniest competitors can get get a chance at sumo!

Sports Challenge

Trying to get to the net to make a slam dunk or making a field goal is a lot harder to do when you're tied to your opponent with a bungee rope! Battle against your your foe as he tries to pull you in the other direction. A great game with plenty of bragging rights at the end!

Double Shot

Team up with your opponent to see who can make the most baskets within the time limit. A great challenge for even the smallest NBA All-stars!

Full Court Press

And you thought this would be easy...

At first glance, this looks like an easy game of basketball... But what they forgot to tell you is that every time you make a basket, it winds up in your opponent's ball pile. Easier said until they make a basket and it comes back to you! In this game of skill and timing, try to clear all of the balls from your "court" before your rival does. A challenge for even the best!

Golf Driving Range

inflatable golf driving range - golf supplies

It's Tee Time!

Pretend you're the next Tiger Woods with our inflatable Golf Driving Range. A specialized radar lets you know exactly how far your ball would go. Great for locations with lots of golfers and no greens!